Monday, May 30, 2011

A.P.C Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Summer is almost here. I'm not too excited though because it's one of the hardest season to dress for, aside from Spring because of the rain/eery weather. And when I say that, some people just say I'm plain crazy. And by "some people", I mean the girls. Seriously, girls love summer like middle school kids love last day of school. They get extra excited because they don't have to worry about the cold anymore and dress as light as they can, as bright as they can, and accessorize as much as they can. For guys? It's a bit difficult to do those three things without looking TOO dressed up. Especially for me when I'm too used to layering.

But I guess this is what keeps me going. Challanges in the way of dressing. I suppose the A.P.C. Collection for 2011 Spring/Summer pretty much sums it up on how a man can dress up for summer without being too dressed up. If that makes any sense. Focus on neutral/light colors, use some casual classic, well-cut pieces, incorporate with a piece or two of formal garments that portrays conservative monotone colors. We'll see how it goes, summer of 2011.

S/S 2011 from A.P.C. More photos here.